Monday, February 21, 2011

Meditation for our ‘Moody Cows’ – book review

Here is another one of my posts about another great children’s yoga book. Moody Cow Meditates
is a fun and interactive book by Kerry Lee MacLean to help our little one manage anger through yogic teachings. Heck, this book has lessons and tools that we can all use to help us manage our anger. I found that this book is more useful for the older toddlers 4/5 years old and up as it describes in detail how our main character has a pretty terrible day. Bloody scrapes, falling off a bike, throwing a ball through the window are all part of his awful day, and that is why I would recommend it for the older toddlers. My first expectation of this book would be an interactive story about how to teach meditation to a toddler, but instead this book went into detail about what made the cow so moody to need to mediate in the first place. Getting beyond how he got to his moody place, his mother then calls up old grandfather to help set this calf straight. It is here that I find this book so wonderful and helpful. The wise old grandfather with his cool goatee takes the calf on an accessible meditative journey. He gives Master Moody tools in which helps dissolve his anger and watch them calmly fall away. Moody Cow Meditates gives our main character, and the readers, the skills needed to help us let go of our anger. Acknowledge and release. These are big concepts for the younger toddlers, but a great book for parents to have on hand when children have their first bad day. Additionally, I think this would be a useful book for high functioning autistic children and children with Asperger’s syndrome.

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