Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sleepy Little Yoga - toddler yoga book recap

This is my second favorite toddler yoga book. It is the follow up to Little Yoga: a toddler's first book of yoga by Rebecca Whitford. She follows the same format as the first book making it accessible for the youngest of yogis and easily read by their parents. Sleep Little Yoga has yoga poses geared for nighttime needs, and, yes, there are yoga poses to help us sleep at night. Whitford always incorporates breathing poses into her books, which is the key element to yoga!

I use this book in my toddler yoga class with lots of success, and the families always enjoy it. My daughter absolutely loved it for bedtime reading. Again this book is on the affordable side, but it is difficult to find locally in a bookstore. Buy both of the books as a gift set with a toddler yoga mat, and you have a little yogi in the making.  Enjoy!

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