Sunday, November 25, 2012

Toddler Family Yoga on Hiatus – Until We Meet Again

Toddler Family Yoga 2012
photo credit: A. Vaughn
Dear Toddler Yoga Family,

Thank you so much for bringing your family to Toddler Family Yoga at Babies in Bloom over these past several years. It has truly been my privilege and honor to work with you and your family. My family and I have enjoyed sharing our love of yoga with your family, and we hope that our little yogic inspiration has made a playful impression on you and your family – you have definitely been an inspiration to ours. Seeing our little ones grow and blossom together as beautiful little yogis has taught me so much about love and play, and I am overwhelmed by the continued blessings learned week after week.

For the past several months my family and I have struggled with the idea of placing Toddler Family Yoga on hiatus, and we have come to the tough decision. Toddler Family Yoga is on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time, and I am so very sorry to say that I am not sure when or if it ever will return. The final class was this past Saturday since it was the last scheduled class of the year.  

Toddler Family Yoga 2012
photo credit: K. LaBell
I really have loved teaching this class to your family, and am so blessed to have had Babies in Bloom support this donation based class for these past several years.  If I could thank Rochelle every minute of every day for the rest of my life, it wouldn’t ever be enough. She has been crucial to this program’s success all of these years. I don’t know if the class will be replaced at Babies in Bloom, but I will notify you of any updates as soon as we know.    

Teaching Toddler Family Yoga has stretched my life experience in such a way that I am forever grateful, so thank you!!! When I was first approached by Rochelle at Babies in Bloom to provide a yoga class for the toddlers, I was nervous and unsure of my own ability to do so. I had never taught children before, and I never thought of myself as a playful person. I am so blessed to have been encouraged by Rochelle, and several experienced children yoga teachers who gave me encouragement. Thank you so much to Kat Gregory and Erin Noland for their guidance, inspiration, and patience as I picked their brains creating and shaping the class you know today. These wonderful teachers still teach throughout the north county, and I encourage you to visit and play in their wonderful classes.

Toddler Family Yoga 2010
photo credit: MKP Images
I am so blessed to have had you and your little one(s) come to class, and that you came to class with such a beautiful openness to learn and play together as a family. In Sanskrit there is a word, kula, and that means “community.” Even though class is on hiatus, I still think of us as a kula and as such we should stay in touch, if you are so inclined. I will continue to offer Prenatal Yoga through the city of San Marcos Parks and Recreation, and will host our webpage adding more childrens yoga book reviews to it. We will also continue to share family friendly events, yoga based or not, on our facebook page. Both are listed at the bottom of this post. Please consider dropping a note or a message to update us on your family, and be sure to say hi if we see each other around town.

Thank you for being part of the Toddler Family Yoga kula! Until we gather together again.

Wishing you and your family a very blessed holiday season!

Lisa and family

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