Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ringing in 2016

Winter/Spring 2016
The city of San Marcos has published and delivered the latest edition of their quarterly magazine called 360. Inside of it is a host of great information about San Marcos happenings from how to prepare for El Nino to the latest road upgrades to economic development updates. The city’s parks and recreation guide begins on page 11, which has a wonderful variety of activities created for all ages that range from family swim programs to senior computer classes to art shows and concerts.

There are so many wonderful programs through the city’s park and recreation, and most of these programs offer the first class freepre/postnatalyoga included. Come try out classes, and feel free to contact the recreation staff if there is a particular class you are looking for – perhaps, you may even be willing to instruct.

My family was fortunate enough to be on the front cover of the recreation guide because the city is highlighting the instructors involved in the recreation programs. I have been teaching prenatal yoga through the parks and recreation department for the past six years. I love teaching here, and my belief is that classes should be accessible to everyone and should be an opportunity for a community to flourish. The city of San Marcos Parks and Recreation delivers great programs, and are wonderful collaborators. I am truly blessed to live where I work. Check out the programs, check out the facilities, and meet some of your neighbors.

Special thank you to my prenatal yoga model, Tania, and my photographer, Christine, for the fabulous prenatal yoga photos both in the recreation guide and on this website. 

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