Friday, October 9, 2015

Free Trial Class - Sign up!

San Marcos Parks and Recreation are such wonderful people to work with! A while back they tried a couple of promotional opportunities to draw students into classes, and they finally found a great fit with the “FREE TRIAL for first time students” opportunity.

This trial class provides interested students the opportunity to try their first class for free without committing to an entire session. This opportunity is for new students to that particular class. For instance, if you are new to prenatal/postnatal yoga, then you qualify for the free trial.

How To Sign Up for Free Trial Class
  1. Confirm that the class is being held the day that you would like to come. This can usually be accomplished by calling or emailing the instructor.
  2. Arrive a few minutes before the start of class to fill out paperwork. The city requires students to fill out a liability release form prior to participating.
That’s it! Try as many trial classes that the city offers. Most importantly, come and try out our class: Pre/Postnatal Yoga for FREE!

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